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Geotechnical Modelling with Finite Elements



 The GTS NX interface provides a prominent application of modeling and analysis tools, creating an intuitive working environment for expert and novice designers. The 64-bit operating system supports the next-generation platform foundation, and the graphics engine enables the best modeling performance for object calculation and element generation, while the integrated 64-bit solver greatly reduces analysis time for complex models.

MIDAS GTS is a powerful 2D and 3D finite element software suitable for all areas of geotechnical engineering. In fact, it allows for a number of important analysis, including:


  • Mechanical analysis of the earth;
  • Stress analysis in the construction phases;
  • Analysis of the interaction between land and structure;
  • Analysis of the excavations;
  • Slope stability analysis;
  • Dynamic and seismic analysis. Analysis of transitory and stationary filtration movements;
  • Analysis of consolidations and failures.

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