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Assistance for excavation maintenance

asesoria de mantenimiento en fase de excavacion


  • Assistance in organizing electrical and electronic supervision of TBM during the uninterrupted excavation phase.
  • Optimization of systems during active excavation
  • Revision of centralized, distributed peripheral and autonomous electrical systems; Communication component review techniques for a proper functioning of the system.
  • Detection Techniques Common Problems and TBM List of Electric Components Lists at High Risk of Malfunction
  • Understanding the different types of machinery and the various electrical components depending on the type of milling machine: calibration and maintenance of electric motors, concrete pumps, gravel pumps, and any type of hydraulic pump with electric drive, electric servo, electro hydraulic and electronic.
  • "Troubleshooting" techniques: how to predict, trace and solve problems to prevent unpleasant delays and heavy losses in time.
  • Techniques on how to plan a solution strategy in case of malfunctioning of the system and how to improve and optimize a system in case of unsatisfactory and inadequate performance.
  • Techniques on how to locate a particular problem and how to track the cause of an error.



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